A teamwork approach to divorce

Posted by Lauren S. CohenSep 19, 20130 Comments

It seems that practically every subject imaginable is searchable on the Internet. Granted, the authorship of the information may not always be authoritative. In some cases, the postings may even be anonymous. Nevertheless, many readers turn to the Internet as a first step in gaining more exposure to an issue or topic. At a minimum, an Internet search might provide context, offering buzzwords or common themes associated with a subject.

Divorce is no exception to the trend of online research. From do-it-yourself divorce forms to unsolicited advice, an individual contemplating divorce might find various topics of interest online. However, a recent article illustrates why some divorce issues might be better left to an experienced divorce attorney.

As a preliminary matter, the article recommends assembling an entire team of professionals to represent one's interests during the divorce proceeding. Typically, an attorney might have established connections and can make recommendations about financial advisors, accountants and perhaps even a private investigator that might lend their services. But the point is clear: If teamwork is required, chances are it's because there are complex issues afloat.

An attorney can provide another level of review, as well. Although attorneys may present clear advocacy and agree to a settlement proposal during a court proceeding, there's no guarantee that the divorce decree will accurately represent every point. An attorney's work often continues through such hearings into subsequent reviews of court documents and the divorce decree.

Finally, a divorce attorney — a professional who is present for the primary purpose of lawfully advocating his or her client's interest — can be a buffer against the otherwise stressful moments during a divorce. From scheduling court appearances to responding to requests, the timing can be fast-paced. An attorney might help make those deadlines seem manageable.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, “5 Reasons That You Need a Divorce Attorney,” David Centeno, Sept. 17, 2013