Former New York Yankees player wanted for back child support

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJul 24, 20130 Comments

New York readers of this divorce law blog might expect to read about the occasional celebrity divorce. Many famous actors and media figures call New York City home, and in the summer months, Long Island and its beaches also become potential spots for celebrity sightings.

Today's post delivers on that expectation. Danny Tartabull, a former professional baseball player who played on the New York Yankees and several other teams, recently made headlines when a municipal child support services department named him to a most wanted list regarding delinquent child support. The list contains other non-custodial parents who allegedly haven't paid thousands of dollars in child support.

Failing to comply with the provisions of a divorce decree, such as child support obligations, can subject an individual to criminal consequences. In this case, the 50-year-old former Major League Baseball player was ordered to pay the $276,000 in back child support and placed on probation. When he failed to stay current on those probationary terms, the court issued an arrest warrant for a jail sentence of 180 days. The infamous celebrity athlete is reportedly now on the run from authorities.

It's unclear why the former baseball fell behind in his child support obligations. Many divorce courts handle requests to modify divorce decrees — and accompanying support payments — reasonably and promptly after reexamining any changed financial circumstances.

A divorce attorney might likely be highly experienced in bringing such modification requests before a court. Yet there did not seem to be financial need motivating a modification in this case: The former baseball player is reported to have earned almost $33 million over the course of his 14-year career.

Source:, “Ex-Major League Baseball Player Tops Child Support ‘Most Wanted' List,” Dan Stamm, July 12, 2013