Divorce attorneys apply the wisdom of experience, hindsight

Posted by Lauren S. CohenJun 12, 20130 Comments

New York readers might agree that experience is one of the best teachers. In the context of divorce, a recent article shared many insights from divorced individuals on what they would like to change in hindsight.

One of the more surprising comments was an individual who would have divorced sooner. Given the high divorce rate in America, readers might expect most couples to regard divorce as a viable option — or at least an option within the realm of possibility — should circumstances warrant yet. Apparently, some couples still hesitate to educate themselves about the divorce process, perhaps viewing such an inquiry to be a breach of trust or an acknowledgement of the irreparable state of a relationship.

However, an attorney that specializes in divorce or family law could quickly put such fears to rest. Knowledge can be power, and simply knowing about separation or divorce procedures might provide peace of mind. That way, couples that stay together during tough times can be confident that their commitment reflects a choice, rather than fear of change.

Another regret mentioned in the article was spouses who agree to quickly to initial child support arrangements. New York state law provides a variety of factors that can influence each parent's financial responsibility. If one spouse lacks the means to evenly split child expenditures, that context can be presented to the judge.

Fortunately, a divorce attorney might already have the experience to foresee trouble spots and avoid such problems. An attorney might help an individual obtain a divorce decree that fits the individual's special needs and other equitable factors.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, “Divorce Advice: The One Aspect Of My Divorce I Would Do Differently,” June 10, 2013