Former football player in court defending his parenting abilities

Posted by Lauren S. CohenMar 12, 20130 Comments

When parents in New York and beyond welcome their children into the world, they usually assume that they will raise them together under the same roof. However, family's can change. Parents may discover at some point that they can no longer remain married.

Former football player Deion Sanders and his wife are trying to work through their divorce. Child custody has been a central matter in their contentious divorce.

Recently, the former football player took the stand in court to defend his abilities as a father. He says he is active in his children's lives. His first wife even took the stand to defend his parenting abilities. Sanders and his first wife have two children together.

At the end of the couple's trial, it will be determined which parent will establish the children's primary residence.

There are a number of types of child custody. A child typically lives with a parent who is granted physical custody. In some instances, parents can be granted joint physical custody. However, it usually requires that the parents live near each other.

A parent granted legal custody of a child has the authority to make important decisions for the child. When joint legal custody is granted, both parents must work together to resolve important issues.

There are few aspects of a divorce more emotional than settling child custody matters. Parents in New York and others elsewhere are usually better off settling their difference with the help of a legal professional. The goal in settling all child custody matters is to find solutions that are fair for everyone involved and that put the best interests of the child first.

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