Divorcing couple feuding over their son’s remains

Posted by Lauren S. CohenFeb 14, 20130 Comments

Broome County residents who have gone through a divorce know that property division matters can be difficult to settle. Often, couples disagree over the division of bank accounts and real estate. However, a couple in another state is fighting over the remains of their son.

Three years ago, the couple lost their son in a drunk driving accident. The driver, who is the founder of the International Polo Club Palm Beach, was convicted and sent to prison for 16 years. He also settled a civil suit with the family.

The young man's father has requested that he be given a portion of his son's ashes. However, the mother wants her son's ashes to remain in entirety in the city where he grew up and later died.

Recently, a judge ruled that the ashes are not property and effectively denied the father's request. In addition to a portion of his son's ashes, the man is asking for copies of home videos and his collection of baseball cards. The man's attorney says they may appeal the judge's decision.

This case is particularly unique. However, it highlights the complexities of some divorce cases. In this instance, the couple from Florida has been working to resolve their differences for more than five years.

People usually don't expect that their marriage will end in divorce. Because of that, a divorce can often stir up intense feelings. In order to resolve issues in a timely manner, people in Broome County and others elsewhere may find working with an experienced divorce attorney beneficial.

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