Understanding The Overlap: Divorce & Bankruptcy

Financial strain is a major factor in many couples' marital problems. When divorce becomes necessary, the need to set up separate households, deal with support obligations, and adjust to other changes often makes one or both parties' debt challenges insurmountable.

If you are facing divorce or striving to recover financially afterward, I am here to provide compassionate, highly informed legal counsel that will get you through this difficult time as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Caring, Practical Guidance From A Lawyer With Decades Of Relevant Experience

When financial troubles and divorce leave you wondering what to do, you can turn to me, Binghamton area divorce and bankruptcy attorney Lauren S. Cohen, for clear, compassionate counsel. My focus will be on finding the best solutions to your specific problems. You do not have to be concerned about pressure to file bankruptcy if that is not the right move. We will discuss other options open to you, timing if you choose to file, how marital debt division is likely to impact you and other key issues.

By having an open and honest dialog, we can reach a solution that fits your individual goals.

Thorough Assessment Of Your Options · Joint And Single Bankruptcy Filings

Applying nearly 35 years of divorce, family law and bankruptcy experience, I am prepared to assist you with issues in either or both practice areas. My knowledge and problem-solving capabilities cover scenarios that include:

  • Helping couples evaluate Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a debt relief solution that may relieve stress in the relationship and open up the possibility of reconciliation
  • Advising men and women who have decided to proceed with divorce on whether filing a joint bankruptcy petition may resolve key contested issues and enable a smoother, less costly divorce process
  • Providing balanced, comprehensive bankruptcy services to individuals in financial crisis after a divorce or any other major life setback

Helping people overcome crises — both personal and financial — is the core strength of my law practice. Together, we will talk through your concerns and develop a strategy to deal with them as effectively as possible. In several divorce cases, I have collaborated with the opposing attorney to reach agreements on a bankruptcy filing that benefit everyone involved.

The Advice You Need From A Local Attorney You Can Trust

To sit down with me, Lauren S. Cohen, in Johnson City or Binghamton, New York, for a face-to-face discussion focused on your legal options, call 607-821-0100, 866-539-2596 or contact me via email anytime.