Taking Control Of Your Debts Through Bankruptcy

There are countless ways to accumulate too much debt and very few reliable, effective ways to regain financial stability once you do. If you are struggling to pay bills and living in dread of the next collection call, it is time to sit down with a qualified attorney and discuss whether filing bankruptcy is the best solution.

Get The Truth About Debt Relief And Help Making The Right Decision

I am Lauren S. Cohen, a highly experienced Binghamton area bankruptcy lawyer here to help you decide what to do about your debts. My approach is compassionate, nonjudgmental and highly interactive. I have helped hundreds of individuals and families in our region of New York get debt-free fresh starts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Applying decades of relevant experience, an advanced degree in mathematics education and other assets, I help people make sound, confident decisions about consumer bankruptcy.

You can count on me to:

  • Thoroughly assess your debts, income and other factors to determine whether you qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy — and whether there are nonbankruptcy remedies you should consider first
  • Explain specifically what benefits bankruptcy can provide, such as comprehensive credit card debt relief, an immediate end to creditor harassment and protection against lawsuits, garnishments and other actions against you
  • Cover the consequences of filing bankruptcy honestly and directly, including the impact on your credit and steps available to rebuild it over time
  • Provide you with a packet of bankruptcy information I have prepared to further assist my bankruptcy clients in making educated decisions

Contact A Caring, Skilled Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

I know that financial distress can strike anyone. Good, hardworking people suffer job losses and cutbacks, medical crises and other extreme setbacks such as divorce. In other cases, simply trying to keep up with basic life expenses over time leads to insurmountable credit card debt.

Too often, people who have fallen behind on their mortgages and other bills wait longer than they should to evaluate Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I may be able to help you get a fresh start while protecting essential assets such as your home, vehicle and retirement accounts.

Our work together can begin with a free initial telephone consultation at a time that works for you. Call my Binghamton area law office at 607-821-0100, 866-539-2596 or via email by completing an online contact form.

*Please note that there is a modest consultation fee for Divorce/Family Law matters.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.