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The Bloodhounds of Accounting

It is known that many spouses hide assets— especially in the months or years preceding a divorce. It is tricky to determine where all of the money is when one spouse owns a business or is secretive about their finances. There are plenty of ways to stash assets when one spouse wants to avoid paying alimony or child support.

An Experienced Attorney Knows Where To Look

Calling it quits after 30 years of marriage

After 30 years of marriage you and your husband have decided to get a divorce. You’ve built quite a life together over the last three decades and the thought of starting fresh is overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

There are many things to consider in a gray divorce. One of the biggest concerns is ensuring that you’re taken care of in your golden years. While it’s impossible to know what the future holds, it is possible to plan accordingly and set yourself up for many more years of happiness.

A child’s time with the other parent post-divorce

When it comes to the period after a divorce, there are many things about the behavior of a parent that can have major impacts on them, their children and their ex. This includes how they act in regards to the time their kids spend with their ex. 

For one, how a parent makes their child feel about time spent with the other parent can matter considerably. If a parent makes their child feel guilty about such visits, it could interfere with a child being able to have strong relationships with both of their parents. Now, it is possible for a parent to be instilling this sort of guilt in their child without even realizing that they are doing it. So, it can be very important for a divorced parent to exercise care when it comes to how they act towards their kid when it comes to their kid’s time with the other parent and to be mindful that how they act could impact their child’s emotional experience.

Study: Many U.S. households see significant income swings

Households can vary greatly in their income situation. Some see fairly steady income year to year. Others have a more volatile income situation, with income shifting quite a bit from one year to the next. A recent study indicates that there are a fair number of Americans who fall into the latter group.

The study, by The Pew Charitable Trusts, looked at income shifts in American households between 2014 and 2015. The study found that around a third of households in the U.S. saw at least a 25 percent shift in income (up or down) over this period.

Lots of baby boomers admit to hiding accounts

Financial infidelity can do all sorts of harm to a relationship. There are many different forms of such infidelity. One is hiding an account (such as a credit card or bank account) from one’s partner.

How common is such account hiding? A recent study looked at the likelihood of having engaged in such conduct among different age groups. According to the study, hiding accounts from a partner at some point was something:

  • 3 percent of people in the silent generation admit to.
  • 11 percent of individuals on the older end of the baby boomer generation say they have done.
  • 5 percent of individuals in generation X say they have done.
  • 3 percent of people in the millennial generation admit to.

Getting advice on what not to do in your divorce

When a couple is divorcing, whether the couple is an opposite-sex couple or a same-sex couple, a diverse range of major issues can come up during their divorce. These issues can regard fundamental things like their finances and their kids.

Given how impactful these issues can end up being, one thing a divorcing person may be quite worried about is making mistakes or missteps when it comes to these issues. So, one of the big questions a person who is divorcing from a same-sex or opposite-sex spouse may have is: What things should I stay away from in the divorce?

One state puts novel laws regarding pets and divorce in place

Each state has its own divorce laws. So, changes in one state’s divorce laws generally do not directly affect what divorce in another state is like. However, it can still be worth keeping an eye out on what sorts of changes other states are making when it comes to divorce. For one, they can point to larger legal trends that are occurring on a given divorce issue. Also, a change in one state might eventually lead to other states considering a similar change.

Recently, an interesting change in divorce-related laws was made in another state, Alaska. The change regards pets. Specifically, it adds some new provisions that directly touch on how issues regarding pets are to be addressed in divorces in Alaska.

Gray divorces and having the full financial picture

Divorcing couples vary greatly in their circumstances. This includes in how long they’ve been married. Some couples end up entering a divorce after decades of being married. This is a situation many divorces of older couples, sometimes referred to as gray divorces, can involve.

Special issues can come up in connection to gray divorces involving couples who were together for a long time. This includes issues related to preparing for divorce proceedings.

Taking digital precautions when divorcing

Divorce negotiations can be incredibly complex proceedings. All manner of things can have the potential to play a role in such negotiations. In today’s digital world, this includes digital data, such as a person’s social media activity or their electronic communications. There are situations in which such data might potentially touch on some of the key issues in the divorce, like property division or child custody.

The marriage may have ended, but the arguing can continue

Along with the marriage, there are many things a divorce generally ends for a couple. However, there are certain things that can continue for a couple long after they divorce. One is arguing. As an article from the Huffington Post noted, significant arguing between spouses can continue for years after a divorce and in some cases may even intensify from the level it was at when they were married.

Why does it matter how much arguing a couple does after they divorce? Well, in addition to having emotional implications, lots of fighting between ex-spouses can have some major effects on the ability of the couple to work together. This matters because there are a wide range of important interactions ex-spouses can have with each other after a divorce, such as interactions related to their kids. When ex-spouses are constantly fighting, it could make these interactions more difficult. It could also increase the chances of major legal battles coming out of such interactions.

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